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DVI that Supports 144 Hz Refresh Rate: Frankly, DVI is not the best solution for higher refresh rate monitors. Because only the Dual Link DVI-D interface supports 144 Hz up to 1080p resolution. So, if you want to attain 144 Hz at a resolution higher than 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), it is not possible with any DVI interface. DVI that Doesn't Support 144 Hz Refresh Rate No it does not: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/729232-guide-to-display-cables-adapters-v2/?output=DVI. However, if you get a monitor with HDMI 2.0, you can use HDMI for 1440p 144 Hz, and avoid the DP turn-off=disconnect issue My laptop/PC only has an HDMI port, but my monitor supports 144Hz over Dual-Link DVI-D. You will need an active HDMI to DL-DVI-D adapter. Unfortunately, no such adapter currently exists. You will need a monitor that supports 144Hz over HDMI or at least over DisplayPort in which case you could use an HDMI to DP adapter

Regarding DVI cables, you will need a DVI Dual-link interface for running 144 Hz @ 1080p resolution. So, if you want to run 144 Hz with a higher resolution than 1080p, you can't achieve that with DVI input. Also, any mini DisplayPort and USB Type-C can handle 144 Hz at several resolutions as well. You can Use Adapters You were right about dvi to DP not working over a passive cable, but Single link DVI-D/I and Dual link DVI-D/I will all go to HDMI, there can be some issues in some cases if the source and input support different versions (older) of HDMI which is why it wont work on some monitors, but I'm assuming both use HDMI 1.4, which can run 1440p @ 60Hz fine; also you can 'technically' use a single link DVI-D to HDMI and that would still work but that's pretty irrelevant This is possible, but you'll need a pricey active dual link DVI to DP port adapter. This one will work for both Mac's and PC's. I've heard good things about it. Amazon has a good price on this now, as it's $199 at most online retailers. Note that you'll also need a mDP to DP cable, like this. This will be the cable that connects your monitor to the active adapter. Blame Samsung for this one. They should have supported HDMI 1.4, or bundled an active adapter with the monitor

My monitor was connected to my old GTX 970 thru a DVI cable wich supported 144Hz. After installing my new RTX 2060 super in my system i found out it only has 1 HDMI input and 3 Displayport inputs. My monitor only has 1 HDMI input (which does not support 144Hz), 1 DVI input (which is not supported by my RTX 2060 super) and 1 D-sub input Output in 144Hz at 1080p will require you to have a cable that is one of the following: HDMI 1.4+ Dual-Link DVI; DisplayPort; 1440p. Output at 144Hz at 1440p requires the following: HDMI 2.0; HDMI 2.1 for 4K at 144Hz; DisplayPort 1.2; All of these options do have some exceptions. For example, the HDMI 1.4 with the 1080p recommendation may be limited, depending on the monitor DisplayPort supports 144Hz at 4K resolution, which allows for fluid movements in games and helps keep frame rates up. In most competitive games, input lag is not apparent. Is DisplayPort compulsory for 144Hz? There is no requirement to use DisplayPort for 144Hz, as several other options can produce the same quality display. Nonetheless, there are some differences in their options and resolutions compared to DisplayPort. On older systems, DVI can provide a 144Hz rate at 1080p.

DVI: Video only, perfect for older systems or for 144Hz at 1080p. DisplayPort (DP): The best connector for an audio and video signal, and can transmit 144Hz up to 4K. VGA: Old, legacy video connector. Only to be used when nothing else available Does mini displayport to dvi support 144hz Previous Next Sort by hey votes, I want to connect my msi laptop to an external 144hz monitor through the mini display port of my laptop. however, the monitor requires dvi for 144hz output, so I'm thinking of buying a mini displayport for dvi adapter to solve this So now you know that DisplayPort to HDMI supports a 144 Hz refresh rate. Because DisplayPort is backward compatible with HDMI. But conditions apply. So, if you have been curious to know whether you will be able to use your 144 Hz monitor with an HDMI port to get the 144 Hz refresh rate from the DisplayPort of your PC. We hope this post has cleared up all your confusion I will assume that your laptop had an HDMI output rather than an input. The definition of input in terms of Audio / Video (and computer) gear is that you are sending signal from some other device into the input. Most laptops have only an HDMI outp..

What Cable Is Needed For 144hz? Now, there are a lot of different types of display interface cables available out there. For example, VGA, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, and more. However, many of us mistakenly think that it depends on the cable if your monitor and PC will be able to support 144 Hz. But this is not the case at all. Everything depends. level 1. mistakenotmy. · 5y. Displayport supports 144hz. So just use one of the mini-DP outputs into the displays DP input. You will just need a mini-DP -> DP cable. 2. level 2. Robtfool3r

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There should be a bunch of letters after the GN246HL. Does yours have a DVI in addition to the HDMI? The 144Hz mode might be tied to that port if you don't have DP. Click on Like if you find my answer useful or click on Yes if it answers your question. 0. civillian1 Member Posts: 2 New User. February 2020. i have exacly the same problem. i'm keeping an eye on this for a sollution. no Dport. Please be aware that 144hz refresh rate with 1920x1080p resolution (or higher) can only be achieved with any of the following outputs due to bandwidth requirements: HDMI 2.0 ; DisplayPort 1.2 ; DVI-D (dual-link rate) You are using an HDMI 2.0 cable, however, your CPU's graphics support HDMI 1.4 only. Keep in mind that HDMI* 2.0/2.0a support is possible using LS-Pcon converter chip connected to the DP port, in this case this is something the laptop manufacturer must add I've bought a new 144Hz 1080p monitor and I'm wondering if I can get my laptop to run at 144Hz on it if I use an HDMI to fullsize DP cable, since my laptop doesn't have a displayport and only has an HDMI port. It also has a USB C port if that helps. Thanks! Read the product description. Those cables only work from DP source to HDMI display, not. The video signal is basically the same as HDMI, but DVI does not carry audio signal. Some graphic cards, however, may transmit audio signal via DVI port when connected with a DVI-to-HDMI cable or adapter. Single-link cables and hardware support up to 1920×1200 resolution while dual-link DVI supports 2560×1600. DVI is capable of 144Hz refresh rates, so it is a good choice if you have a 1080p.

Where for example a 144Hz monitor and graphics card does not support 144Hz over the same port type, an appropriate adapter may be used. With an HDMI to DP (display) adapter, you can connect a computer with an HDMI port to a monitor with a DisplayPort port. A DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is required for a DisplayPort to a monitor with an HDMI port GTX 1080ti 144hz compatibility8Mar 2017Jul 2017. Hello guys, I'm considering upgrading to the GTX 1080 ti but i have a question, my monitor is the VG248QE, a 144 Hz monitor but it's only reachable through the DVI connector which is not present on the 1080 ti, however, will the DVI adapter included be able to deliver the 144 Hz of my monitor at. However, the HDMI version that the monitor has, does not support 144Hz, but the DP and DVI on it do. Question: Is there an adapter that works so that it converts the HDMI 2.0 signal to either DP 1.2 or DVI-D, that works with 144Hz? (Preferably DVI-D, since my PC is hooked up to the DP port for gaming.) Right now I'm using it over HDMI with 60Hz, and being used to that smooth 144Hz, it kinda. I previously used DP with my main monitor (144hz) and DVI-d with my secondary (144hz) because it does not have DP. Now that I have a 2080Ti that doesn't have a DVI-d port, I'm considering buying a DP to DVI-d cable so that I can use my other screen at the same high refresh rate

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DP supports 144Hz/1080p (and did from DP1.0/1.0a), and DVI-D (dual link) does too - both digital signals. Your signal isn't touched/converted at all, you're just using a different connector - shouldn't be a problem. The only time this would be an issue is when the source was unable to output at that refresh rate (ie HDMI pre 2.0) where your GPU could output <120Hz. 0 I. imeetfighteri Prominent. DVI Connector - Does DVI Support 144Hz? The DVI connector, or digital visual interface, is very common, but what you may not know is that there are several different versions of the DVI connector. You'll really be looking for the Dual-Link DVI-D port, and this is the port that is able to provide: 1920×1080 at 144Hz. Otherwise, the other DVI ports will have the same rate as the VGA. I know there are adapters from DP to DVI-D but those does not work backwards (and the active ones are stupidly expensive for what it does). From HDMI Im not sure to be honest. I have never seen an active one, which makes sense since afaik the conversion is straightforward, and the normal ones I've used are locked to 60hz since those does not use the full dual link bandwidth And, those are Dual-link DVI and DisplayPort. Interestingly, both the Dual-link DVI and DisplayPort support 144 Hz at even the 1080p resolution without any issues. So, you can use either a Dual-link DVI or a DisplayPort cable to connect your monitor to your PC for enabling 144 Hz on the Asus VG248/QE. On another note, don't confuse between a Single-link and a Dual-link DVI cable. They are.

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Originally posted by _I_: yes. any dp cable will support 144hz. dual link dvi-d will also support 144hz. hdmi does not. single link dvi-d does not. On wiki, it says Displayport version 1.0 and 1.1 dose not support 144hz. yes the port not the cable you need 1.2 for support up to 1440p max with 144hz and 1.3 for 4k 144hz INFO SUPPORT Steam installieren Anmelden | Sprache Alle Diskussionen > Steam-Foren > Hardware and Operating Systems > Themendetails. Dieses Thema wurde geschlossen Behamin. 21. Aug. 2016 um 8:05 Uhr. it does support. My gaming monitor can go up to 170hz and supports both Gsync and amd freesync. I use laptop's HDMI port directly hook up my monitor's HDMI (2.0) and able to set up to 144hz. This method uses integrated dGPU (AMD), so less overhead and heating, less power consumption No additional drivers are required for 144Hz support, system PnP is sufficient. Excerpt from the manual: Quote: If 144 Hz is not available in your menus, check the following: o make sure the DVI-D Dual Link cable is properly connected to your computer and the monitor. o make sure your GPU supports 144 Hz.

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For Single-Link DVI, you will be limited to 60Hz. For Dual-Link DVI (if supported), you will be limited to 120Hz. For HDMI 1.4, you will be limited as follows: 720p: 120Hz, 1080p: 144Hz (240Hz maybe), 1440p: 75Hz (144Hz maybe), 2160p: 30Hz (75Hz maybe) I recently bought an Asus VP249QGR 144hz monitor but I can only run it at 120hz. Does my laptop support 144hz? if yes how can I enable it? 0 hang-the-9 Titan. Moderator. Mar 25, 2010 19,411 233 116,700 7,585. Oct 28, 2020 #3 Your video card is not going to be able to handle games at 144hz. The USB C to DP adapter will work if you have a laptop with thunderbolt. 0 atulsh09. Oct 26, 2020 1 0 10. Set the resolution to 1920x1080 @144Hz. Set the monitor to 2D mode. Make sure you are using a Dual-link DVI cable, which supports 56-144 Hz (2D) and 56-120 Hz (3D). Make sure you are not using any switches, splitters, adapters, or converters. The DVI cable must be connected directly between the PC and the monitor Best DisplayPort Cable for 144hz Reviews 1. Capshi VESA Certified 8K DisplayPort Cable. Capshi manufactures a wide range of cables and adapters to support the transfer of signals from one device to another. The brand sells 8K cables, HDMI cables, DP cables, mini DisplayPorts, USB cables, and DVI/VGA cables. It also sells DisplayPort to HDMI.

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Does HDMI 1.3 /1.4 (Does HDMI support 144hz) To output 1080p content at 144Hz, you need either a Dual-Link DVI, a DisplayPort, or an HDMI 1.4 or higher cable. It is worth noting that HDMI 1.4 is designed to handle up to 144Hz at 1920×1080 1. It should be with the appropriate adapter, thunderbolt is physically the same as mini DP. 2.It's a 1.4a HDMI does not support 144hz (at least not at 1080p). 3.Yes. But they are all capable to display 1080p at 60hz. You should really read about differences online. But basically DisplayPort and DVI-D can output to resolutions larger than 1080p

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  1. Does DisplayPort 1.4 support 144hz? The simple answer is yes, and at multiple resolutions. DisplayPort 1.2 can easily output 1080p and 1440p resolutions at 144Hz, while DisplayPort 1.3 and 1.4 increased bandwidth enough to deliver 4K resolution images at up to 144Hz and far higher rates like 240Hz for lower resolutions
  2. 1) Make sure your graphics card has a DVI port and a DVI Dual Link cable is used. 2) Make sure the BenQ bundled DVI cable is used. Note: Only DVI Dual Link supports 144Hz on the XL2411. Both DVI Dual Link and DisplayPort 1.2 support 144Hz on the XL2411P. Some informatioon on DVI-DUAL Link. 12-27-2020 10:30 PM
  3. ⚡【Strong Work Partner】Our DVI to DVI Cable is committed to providing customers with a more efficient working environment. More bandwidth than Single Link DVI cord, supports resolution up to 1920x1080@60Hz including 1080p (Full HD) Compatible with DVI-D(24+1) and DVI-I(24+5). Attention: Not Support 144Hz Monito
  4. Does the OMEN 15-en0xxx support an external 144Hz display? I really don't see why it wouldn't work since it has a GTX 1660 TI. I haven't tried using the DVI port yet since I don't have a proper cable for it, but I don't want to buy something I might not need. Below are the specs for my particular model
  5. StarTech.com DisplayPort auf DVI Adapter, DP (Stecker) zu DVI-I (Buchse) Video -Konverter, maximale Auflösung 1920x1200 - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Amazon.de bestellen
  6. I heard that hdmi 2.0 supports 144hz, but some monitors do not support the hdmi 2.0, but only 1.3. My questions was if the monitor supports hdmi 2.0, as my laptop and PS4, unlike PCs, does not have a port where you plug a DP in. I hope I get a better answer. Thanks
  7. > does hdmi support 144hz. does hdmi support 144hz. Posted by on February 18, 2021 with 0 Comment.

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  1. Supports cost savings Newer displays no longer offer DVI-D as an input. Utilizing this DVI to DisplayPort converter will allow for connection to a brand new monitor or projector without the added expense of updating the graphics card. Port protection technology The dongle style adapter reduces strain on the video port. The cable between the DVI.
  2. Cable Matters 4K DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable (DP to DP Cable, Display Port Cable) 6 Feet - 4K 60Hz, 2K 144Hz Monitor Support. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. Cable Matters 1-Pack DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable (DP to DP Cable) & 3-Pack High Speed HDMI to HDMI Cable with HDR, 6 Feet. $21.89 $ 21. 89. 1. This bundle contains 2 items. Cable Matters 6 Foot DisplayPort to.
  3. Mit meinen normalen DP auf DVI Adaptern habe ich das Problem nicht. Vieleicht hab ich eine Montagsproduktion, jedoch ist es in diesem Zustand untragbar. Es schaut dann immer so aus wie wenn die Hälfte der Pixel grau sind, wie wenn ein Kanal der 2 Kanäle des DP zu DVI Adapters ausfällt. Dadurch das es nicht Funktioniert, leider nur 1 Stern Lesen Sie weiter. 1,0 von 5 Sternen Funktioniert.
  4. @ dh2, Following is the information on 144Hz support that should help you configure your system. When using DVI: Intel HD Graphics 4600 Does not support Dual DVI natively (however DP to Dual DVI Active Dongle might work- but not supported ) and Max Pixel Clock is supported on Single Channel DVI is 165Mhz. So max on DVI at 1920 x 1080 is 60p Hz. HDMI : Intel HD Graphics 4600 Max Pixel Clock.

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  1. Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 3.3 Feet, iVANKY 4K@60Hz/2K@144Hz Mini DP to DP Cable, Mini DP to DisplayPort Cable Compatible with MacBook Air/Pro, Surface Pro/Dock and More - Space Grey . 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,446. $9.99 $ 9. 99. Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable, BENFEI Mini DP(Thunderbolt Compatible) to DP 6 Feet Cable (Male to Male) Gold-Plated Cord, Supports Supports 4K@60Hz, 2K.
  2. g.) Right now I'm using it over HDMI with 60Hz, and being used to that smooth 144Hz, it kinda.
  3. g 144hz monitor wich is BenQ XL2411 , But that monitor only support DVI And HDMI, As you know DVI = 144hz max , HDMI = 60hz max , And i would like to.
  4. While there are DisplayPort to DVI-D Dual Link dongles, they appear to be quite expensive and require USB Power to function correctly. This dongle from StarTech should support a DisplayPort input and convert to Dual Link DVI-D, which is needed for 144Hz at 1080p.. Note that the cheaper dongles available for DP to DVI are either Single Link or do not have the bandwidth to output at 1080p 144Hz
  5. DisplayPort to DVI dual-link DVI-D active adapter for your monitor/ display. Support DisplayPort 1. 2a Input and dual Link DVI-I or Single-Link DVI output, ATTENTION: for certain Apple Cinema Montiors without HDCP support, product item code CAC-1010-A HDCP OFF need to be ordered. This adapter does not transmit HDCP signals and works with older.

I saw someone say that dual link dvi'd does not support 144hz (i have a benq xl2411z 144hz monitor) and the other two show that it only goes up to 60hz. I was informed that dvi-d only supports up to 120hz what do i do? am I stuck only being able to do 120hz gaming or wat. pls help, i know i'm very ignorant in this matter but I'm not looking for trolls or griefers, just help. thanks < > Showing. Can i connect my laptop's mini DisplayPort to a 144hz dvi monitor using a mini dp to dvi converter?? Laptop Tech Support: 7: May 3, 2017: P: Does my laptop support a 144hz Monitor? Laptop Tech Support: 11: Jan 20, 2017: T: Solved! Cannot get 144Hz option on Asus vg248qe with laptop!? Laptop Tech Support: 9: Jan 7, 201 I was wondering if i get a thunderbolt 3 to dp adapter then will it be able to support a 144hz monitor (benq xl 2720) thank you! 0 Gingerbread Judicious. Nov 2, 2009 4,752 0 33,960 1,230. Mar 18, 2016 #2 Yeah you can support 144hz monitor. You don't need an adapter, thunderbolt is actually a mini display port with additional features (which i won't bother explaining since they are not the.

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Dude, just use a Mini DP to DP cable and it will work. HDMI 1.4b does not provide 120 Hz in 2D. It provides 60Hz in 3D which is referred as 120 Hz, because 2x 60Hz . 0 T. thefailoflife69 Prominent. Nov 24, 2017 1 0 510 0. Nov 25, 2017 #11 for anyone reading this thread in the future, hdmi cables can handle more than 60hz, but tis the connectors on the monitor that won't allow more. and i am. DVI: Video only, perfect for older systems or for 144Hz at 1080p. DisplayPort (DP): The best connector for an audio and video signal, and can transmit 144Hz up to 4K. VGA: Old, legacy video connector. What is DP ++ port? Computers with a DisplayPort interface typically display the DP logo next to the port itself on the outer casing. A DP++ logo indicates that your computer supports. DVI is the bare minimum you want to use today, and even that has limitations. It has a lot in common with early HDMI, just without audio support hello, silly question but I just wanna make sure that this product supports 144hz through the dvi port before buying it, thanks. edit :couldn't link the product so here's the full name : EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Black GAMING, 08G-P4-1071-KR, 8GB GDDR6, Dual HDB FansP/N: 08G-P4-1071-K

to run at 144hz you NEED DVI dual-link (normal DVI doesn't have enough bandwidth), so you need a hdmi/dp to DVI-DL adaptor like this one: newegg.ca/startech-mdp2dvid2-mini-displa.. alternatively, HDMI 1.4 actually can run at 1080p 144hz (2.0 is only needed for 1440p 144hz or above) so check if your monitor supports hdmi 1.4 (tho since it doesn't even support dp I think it may not even suppport. Mit 144hz monitor dvi or displayport einen Versuch zu riskieren /144Hz/120Hz DP 1.4 Adapter Maxonar USB C. den Spezifikationen von Pro (2016-2019),MacBook,MacBook Air z. B. MacBook neueste Version.) 【Die Port Schnittstellen, die mit Samsung-, Dell, (DP Alt-Modus) unterstützen, Haltbarkeit】 Maxonar DisplayPort Hohe Aktualisierungsrate, Unterstützung für Quellgeräte mit den. If you can find a Displayport to dual link DVI adapter that says it supports 144hz it may work. Reactions: Fry178. davidm71. Joined Jun 30, 2008 Messages 304 (0.06/day) Aug 21, 2020 #3 So got to get a new monitor.. D. Deleted member 194470 Guest. Aug 21, 2020 #4 my 1660 super has a dvi. I actually used it to see if it explained a glitch on the card and it did. I am not sure if its subjective. In 2009, DP released version 1.2 with a bandwidth of 21.6Gbit/s, 1080P resolution@240Hz, 2K resolution@144Hz, 4K resolution@ 60Hz; HDMI2.0 was released in 2013, bandwidth 18Gbit/s, 1080P resolution@144Hz, 2K resolution@100Hz, 4K resolution@50Hz; if your computer and monitor both support DP1.2 and HDMI2.0, At 1080P resolution, you can directly connect a standard DP cable or a standard HDMI.

144Hz über DVI/DP und Bild gleichzeitig über HDMI ausgeben Hallo zusammen! ich gucke mich schon lange nach einem 144Hz Monitor um und will mir jetzt endlich den BenQ XL2411Z kaufen. Jedoch gibt es dabei noch ein kleines Problem, auf das ich leider noch keine Antwort finden konnte: ich benutze.. You won't face much of a problem using DVI ports for playing high-definition games. If you have a monitor with a 1080P resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, all of these interfaces will work perfectly. However, for the DVI interface to support this configuration, you'll need a dual-link DVI cable because the single link cable won't support it Hi everyone) Could you help. How many monitors does AMD Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics (AMD Ryzen 5 3400G) support. 1-st one is ok but 2-nd one is doesn`t (not detected). I`m using DELL se241H - HDMI and DELL p2419h - DP 3ft (1m) DisplayPort to DVI Cable, 1080p Video, Active DisplayPort to DVI Adapter Cable, DisplayPort to DVI-D Cable Converter Single Link, DP 1.2 to DVI Monitor/Display - DP to DVI Cable/Cord (DP2DVIMM3BS) | Canad

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Alibaba.com offers 3,316 dvi support 144hz products. A wide variety of dvi support 144hz options are available to you, such as packing, connector color, and connector type 521 odpowiedzi. Napisano 5 Kwietnia 2015 (edytowane) W takim razie sprawa wygląda tak, jeśli chcesz mieć laptopa i podłączony pod niego monitor 144hz to musisz; - mięć laptopa z wejściem mini-DP + monitor 144hz z wejściem DP + kabel mini-DP ->DP. - mieć laptop z wejściem DVI +monitor 144hz. -mieć laptop z wejście DP +monitor 144hz. A DVI to DVI cable. Although DVI came some ten years after VGA, it is on the verge of obsolescence. Much like VGA, it also has pins and screws to keep it in place, but DVI has a digital signal instead.Despite the fact that audio support was added on some devices with DVI, its still considered to be outdated when compared to more modern interfaces like HDMI or USB-C The DVI-D to HDMI part is not really the issue here, the issue I believe is that single-link DVI-D is a maximum of 1920*1080p 60Hz. Dual link DVI-D can do 1080p 120Hz yes, but I don't believe single link can. So, what about a DVI-D to HDMI adaptor.. 99 My friend has a DVI-(IDK which to be sure) monitor capable of 144hz. Furthermore, mini-DisplayPort is now being replaced by the USB Type-C port on newer displays. Standards: DisplayPort 1.1 / DVI 1.0 , Plug and Play. However, note that some monitors with HDMI 1.4 are limited to 60Hz or 120Hz. Another condition is that your monitor will have to support 144 Hz over HDMI and the GPU/PC will.

© Valve Corporation. 版權所有。所有商標皆為個別所有權人在美國與其它國家(地區)之財產。 #footer_privacy_policy | #footer_legal | #. Frage zu Lindy GOLD DVI-D an HDMI (1m, HDMI, DVI) Du musst dich anmelden um eine Bewertung abzugeben. 0. Es sind noch keine Stimmen vorhanden. Du musst dich anmelden um eine Bewertung abzugeben. Does it support 144hz ? laal_zouz. laal_zouz. Mitglied seit Dezember 2018. Level Punkte Rang. 1 882 47 307 Benutzerprofil. 07.07.2019. 1 Antwort. Missbrauch melden. Du musst dich anmelden um einen. So this here is exactly the adapter you are looking for if you need a DVI-D to Displayport Adapter that supports 144Hz and don't want to buy a new monitor again and have a 144Hz monitor as a second monitor that is capped at 60Hz. Lesen Sie weiter . 9 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich. Nützlich. Kommentar Missbrauch melden. O. S. 5,0 von 5 Sternen Funktioniert tadellos. Rezension.

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My monitor (Acer GN246HL) only supports 144hz with a DVI-D or projector, helping to eliminate the equipment costs of upgrading a DVI display to a newer model for the sake of The MDP2DVIS Mini DisplayPort to DVI Active Adapter (single-link) let's you connect your Mini DisplayPort video source (such as any of your MacBook® or Microsoft® Surface™ Pro devices with mDP) to a DVI-D display, including televisions and Apple Cinema Display HD, eliminating the expense of having to upgrade to a DisplayPort capable monitor laal_zouz We have contacted the Lindy support and the response was: If the source device is an HDMI chipset, it could work. Unfortunately we don't have any testresults that it could work, maybe a User from our community can share his experience with this cable. Answer by chrwal on 08.07.2019 Question about Lindy GOLD DVI-D an HDMI (1m, HDMI, DVI) by laal_zouz on 07.07.201

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The monitor specs show max resolution is 1920 x 1080 at 144hz (dvi-DL or DP). That does not include hdmi. 0 S. suhit6278. Feb 5, 2019 2 0 10 0. Feb 5, 2019 #3 geofelt : The monitor specs show max resolution is 1920 x 1080 at 144hz (dvi-DL or DP). That does not include hdmi. It doesn't have an DVI port is it possible to use an adapter if that works? 0 T. tokdalang. Apr 20, 2019 1 0 10 0. Apr 20. So this here is exactly the adapter you are looking for if you need a DVI-D to Displayport Adapter that supports 144Hz and don't want to buy a new monitor again and have a 144Hz monitor as a second monitor that is capped at 60Hz. Lesen Sie weiter. 16 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich. Nützlich . Missbrauch melden. Rezensionen auf Deutsch übersetzen. O. S. 5,0 von 5 Sternen.

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  1. g Monitor (DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI) - Black with 1 Answer - Best Bu
  2. Nippon Labs DP-DVI-3 3 ft. DP DisplayPort Male to DVI-D Male Converter Cable, Black - DP to DVI Adapter - 1920 x 1200 Shop Nippon Labs iXever 8K DisplayPort 1.4 Cable Cord 6ft 2m, 8K 60Hz or 4K 144Hz DisplayPort 1.4 Male to Male Cable, Supports HBR3, DSC, HDR 10, UHD, up to 32.4 Gbit/s For PC, Monitor, HDTV, Projector
  3. DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter/Video Converter 1080p, DP to DVI Monitor/Display Cable Adapter Dongle, DP to DVI Single Link, Latching DP Connector - DP to DVI Adapter, DP 1.
  4. The Caldigit support website does point out that the display port2 to DVI adapter has to be 'active.' Unfortunately Amazon isn't always clear on which of the DVI adapters it sells are active. The cable matters clearly states it is Active DP to DVI and it proved to work well. If you need an active adapter it should work fine
  5. Short description Does Dvi Dual Link Support 144hz: Dual-link DVI-D and DVI-I cables can support Full-HD display at 144 Hz but the confusion arises because there are so many different types of DVI cables and not all of them are able to support the high bandwidth required: Views: 9753: Published: 26.5.2007: Search: Two examples are Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Linux Mint, which adds the Windows-like.
  6. DVI - No Audio Support: Maximum Digital Resolutions: Dual Link: 2560x1600 Single Link: 1920x1200: Supported Resolutions: 2560x1600 @ 60Hz 1920x1200 @ 120Hz 1920x1080 @ 120Hz: Physical Characteristics: Weight of Product: 4.2 oz [118 g] Color: Black: Material: Plastic: Cable Length: 24.0 in [61 cm] Product Length: 8.2 in [20.8 cm] Product Width : 6.3 in [16 cm] Product Height: 0.5 in [12 mm.
  7. If you want to support frames above 60, then you'll be better off purchasing a DP/DVI cable instead of a converter. For some reason, the only active converters I can find are crazily expensive! Lesen Sie weiter. 12 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreich. Missbrauch melden. Rezensionen auf Deutsch übersetzen . smeg. 5,0 von 5 Sternen Does exactly what is says. Rezension aus dem.
Acer ED242QRAbidp 23,6&quot; Curved Monitor (FHD, 1√100以上 displayport 1BenQ ZOWIE XL2430 24 inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor | 1080p 1msROG STRIX XG27VQ | Monitors | ASUS USA

High Quality Sound and Pictures -This DP to DP Cable supports 3D @60HZ; 2560x1600 @144Hz; 2560x1440 @144Hz, 1080P Full HD as well as uncompressed digital audio channels at 7.1, 5.1 and 2 channel audio formats. DP Cable Mirror or Extended Mode - Under mirror mode, you can enjoy the movies or play games on HDTV which displays the same content as your computer desktop; Under Extended mode, each. Acer ED323QURA Monitor 31,5 Zoll (80 cm Bildschirm) WQHD, 144Hz HDMI/DP, 75Hz DVI, 4ms (G2G), HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2a, DVI DL, HDMI/DP FreeSync Premium. 4,5 von 5 Sternen 216. 18 Angebote ab 364,00 € Monster Aryond A32 V1.1 Gaming Curved Monitor, 32 Zoll 165Hz Curved QHD (2560x1440) Display 1ms Reaktionszeit, HDR 10-Verhältnis FreeSync und G-Sync 119,9% SRGB, PC Bildschirm, HDMI Anschluss. 4,4. 0. displayport to dvi 144hz A-technology-DVI Cable 50ft Dual Link 24+1 Male to Male Digital Video Cable Gold Plated with Ferrite Core Support 2560x1600,144Hz for Gaming, DVD, Laptop, HDTV and Projector. : Amazon.com.au: Computer

ASUS MG248QR Black 24&quot; Full HD 1ms 144Hz DP HDMI FreeSyncIiyama G-MASTER G3266HS-B1 32in Monitor Review | KitGuruP2214H, message, no DVI-D cable - Dell Community