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Adressen für RSS-Feeds Paralympics 2020. Die Adressen der RSS-Feeds von sportschau.de zu den Paralympics in Tokio 2020 What People Mostly inquire about RSS feeds in 2020! What are RSS feeds made use of for? RSS means Really Simple Syndication. It is a way to quickly distribute a list of headlines, update notices, and sometimes content to a vast number of individuals. It is made use of by computer system programs that arrange those headlines and notices for very easy reading. What is a RSS feed and just how. Written media RSS feeds are those you would find on a news outlet, blog, or some other written content. The other type of RSS feed is for audio such as podcasts, music, or audiobooks. With a website's RSS feed, you can add the address to an RSS feed reader to receive a daily digest of the latest content released by your favorite outlets. Rather than having to visit each website and scan for new content, your RSS feed readers will curate a list for you in one place of the most recent posts. Don't worry today now I want to share a lot of Rss Feed submissions sites list 2020. No. Rss Feed Sites. DA. PA. 1. http://www.wingee.com. 33. 42 RSS In 2020. RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is a format which makes it easy to see updates to websites, blogs, news, and all sorts of other content. RSS allows the aggregation of feeds from a plethora of sources with rich content. It was created to make tracking content updates easy, but grew into one of the best ways to keep up with current.

RSS Feeds erlauben es euch die neusten Nachrichten von den unterschiedlichsten Webseiten in eure Digital Signage Playlist zu integrieren. So bekommt ihr Top Artikel und Blogbeiträge mit nur wenigen Klicks direkt auf die Bildschirme. Ein weiterer Vorteil: Die RSS Feeds aktualisieren sich von selbst, sodass ihr keine Zeit in die Pflege der Inhalte investieren müsst An RSS feed therefore, is a syndication feed that blog followers can subscribe to—and get immediate updates delivered via email—when a new piece of content is published to the feed. RSS is written in the Internet coding language known as XML (Extensible Markup Language). While some web browsers like the current versions of Firefox and Safari still have built-in RSS readers, if you use Chrome or another browser—you'll only be able to view RSS feeds by using a dedicated.

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Der Mail-Client Thunderbird von Mozilla lässt sich um einen RSS-Reader erweitern. Das beliebte E-Mail-Programm für Windows hat grundsätzlich einen enormen Funktionsumfang, ein integrierter RSS-Feed ist hier nur logisch. Die Bedienbarkeit des Feeds ist nahezu identisch wie der Umgang mit E-Mails. Sie archivieren und filtern also die Seiten genauso, wie Sie Ihr Postfach sortieren Add your RSS URL somewhere on your website for your users to click on. If you want to display the contents of a feed directly on your site, follow these steps: Enter the admin area of your. RSS-Reader: Feeds und News für Windows, Mac, Android und iOS: Die beliebtesten kostenlosen Downloads 16 Freeware und Shareware Programme Für Windows, Mac, Linux, Android und iO

Chris Coyier on Feb 11, 2020. Grow sales with Customer Journey Smarts with MailChimp. Say you have an RSS feed like this one. The goal is to request that RSS feed, parse it, and do something useful with the data in it. RSS is XML, and XML is arguably not as easy to work with than JSON 03/01/2020 15 Top Luxury Travel RSS Feeds To Follow in 2021; 04/01/2020 15 Top Luxury Lifestyle RSS Feeds To Follow in 2021; 03/01/2020 15 Top Family travel RSS Feeds To Follow in 2021; 03/01/2020 15 Top Korean Drama RSS Feeds To Follow in 2021; 03/01/2020 17 Top Crossdresser Youtube Channels To Follow in 2021; 03/01/2020 15 Top Sports News RSS. RSS FEEDS. Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a web based technology which is used to keep the contents provided by a website updated. RSS feeds can be subscribed using RSS Software which can be installed in the subscriber's/user's electronic device. This enables the users to obtain contents and update thereof without actually loading the website on user's device RSS-Reader: Die besten Android-Apps. 23.06.2020 16:08 | von Maximilian Becker. Nachrichten aus verschiedenen Quellen können Sie mit einem RSS-Reader übersichtlich anzeigen lassen. Wir haben die besten Apps für Android in diesem Praxistipp für Sie zusammengestellt If any RSS or Atom feeds don't work please report it to us. Brought to you by Really Simple AB from Stockholm, Sweden, the RSS Feed Reader team. Have fun with RSS and Atom! Changelog: V7.8.2 - Attempt fixes with settings not being saved properly - Fix issue with listing posts in the correct order V7.8.1 - Migrator bug fixes V7.8.0 - This.

Joshua not playing with heavyweight Usyk. Britain's Anthony Joshua will defend his heavyweight titles this weekend in London. Credit: AP. Anthony Joshua has endorsed Oleksandr Usyk for rolling the dice in pursuit of world heavyweight title glory despite the Ukrainian's limited experience in the blue riband division 2. Just Copy the URL of the Channel From YouTube.com And Paste It Into Your Reader. Or you can just navigate to the channel on the YouTube website, copy the URL, and paste that into your RSS reader. As an example, here is my own YouTube channel URL: This is the same channel ID you'd use above YouTube RSS Feeds. Thomas Brand:. In 2020 I am watching less stupid on YouTube by skipping the algorithm. Instead of letting the YouTube decide which videos it wants to show me, I am watching only the videos I want to see by subscribing to my favorite content creators via RSS CBN US news http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/feed/ CBN world news http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/world/rss.xml; CNN news http://edition.cnn.com/services/rss

RP ONLINE - Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Viersen, Brüggen, Nettetal, Niede. Die 25 Top-Feeds meist angeklickte RSS-Feed-Einträge. wohnungsmarkt24.de - +++ ständig neue Angebote +++ preiswerte Wohnungen bun. Anschlussfinanzierung vergleich. Abnehmen im Schlaf - Abnehmen leicht gemacht. Handy-Locator.de - Einfach Handy orten - Erste Ortung kostenlos Louis Lazaris wrote Front-end RSS Feeds (2020 Edition). It has OPML files that are in big groups of feeds that you'll be subscribed to once their imported into a feed reader (some have that as an option). There is also just a big list too. Louis likes NewsBlur. I'm still on my Feedbin + NetNewsWire kick. NetNewsWire for iOS just dropped as well. I installed it and like it OK so far, but I.

Supports full-text RSS feeds for Google News Producer, Yandex News, Yandex Zen, and Yandex Turbo Pages. The process of creating RSS feeds is very simple: Choose a page of your website, where the content is regularly updated (for example, news page) Convert it into RSS feed. To automatically update RSS feed - create updateable RSS-channel in your account ; Attract subscribers by providing RSS. The RSS Feed Widget is a simple, high-impact addition to your Church's website. See the Quick Start Guide to get it up and running in just a few steps. If the shared script hasn't been added to your website, add it to your desired webpage, replacing my.churchname.net with your church's base MP URL RSS Feed - python.land/blog/feed + Follow RSS Site - python.land/blog About Site - Python Land is a resource for beginning and advanced Python programmers, with a Python tutorial, tips & tricks, and a forum to ask questions. Follow this feed to read the latest blog articles from Python Land, about Python and related topics

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Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus v2102 Build 13801.20294. senkudown Sep 18, 202 Added: Support Media-RSS; Added: Switch focus from search when pressing Esc; Changed: Qt 5.13.2 (Windows) Changed: Lock headline news while scrolling content; Changed: Hide directories when searching in feeds; Fixed: Application crash (Windows) Fixed: Support High DPI (Windows) Fixed: Webkit. Create empty directories on drive C (Windows) Fixed: Some news links do not have a scheme (http.

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  1. RSS Reader Liste. Im Folgenden finden Sie eine ausführliche Liste mit RSS-Reader für verschiedene Betriebssysteme. Ebenso sind einige Email- und Web-basierte Reader, sowie Reader für den mobilen Gebrauch gelistet. Diese kostenlose und unkommerzielle Website wird kontinuierlich auf Aktualität überprüft (letzte Prüfung 09.04.2020)
  2. RSS-Feeds. RSS-Feeds bei news.de. Was ist das? RSS (Really Simple Syndication) ist ein Service, der ähnlich funktioniert wie ein Nachrichtenticker. Mit diesem Dienst bleiben Sie bei news.de immer auf dem Laufenden und verpassen keine Meldung mehr. Wie geht das? Sie abonnieren eines oder mehrere Lieblingsthemen. news.de liefert Ihnen hierzu laufend die neuesten Artikel, so genannte Feeds.
  3. Generate Feeds. You can now create feeds with a seamless user interface. Just enter a URL and our bot will generate the feed within a few seconds. Then, preview the feed before importing it into your favorite RSS reader

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RSS feeds can be presented in different ways by an RSS reader, which is software that enables a birds-eye view on everything new that's been posted on your favorite sites since you last checked. By using any of the top RSS feed reader apps listed below, you will not only save precious time, but also make your overall browsing experience much more palatable and easier to manage. Without. Die besten kostenlosen RSS-Reader für Android. Über RSS-Feeds halten Euch Nachrichten-Websites und Blogs auf dem Laufenden. Kommt ein neuer Beitrag, könnt Ihr diesen kompakt in einem RSS-Reader abrufen. Entsprechende RSS-Reader-Apps unterscheiden sich funktional. Erfahrt hier, welche die besten RSS-Reader-Apps für Android sind

In the sidebar, choose RSS feeds. You can add feeds for Microsoft updates and Windows update and I think that would be sufficient. Sumit. Available 6 PM - 8 AM PST. It is always good to include your PC Specs, make and model in the question. Never Call the Phone numbers received in Emails from the Microsoft Community Namely: RSS feeds, which provide daily updates on new cases and filings to anyone with an RSS reader. Many courts already have RSS feeds enabled, and there's a movement afoot to encourage even more courts to turn on their feeds. [Editor's Note - For additional background - please see this article on LLRX by Pete Weiss - What is RSS and How to Use it Effectively] Today's PACER.

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CNET RSS Feeds. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. CNET offers RSS feeds with headlines, descriptions, and links back to CNET for the full story Option 2: RSS feed from tweets liked by Twitter users. This option generates a RSS feed of all the tweets that a user liked. One benefit of using this type of feed is to monitor user engagement and curate trusted sources of tweets. Simply, type in the @username (e.g. @elonmusk) you would like to follow and click on generate to get the feed Feedzy is the most complete of the best RSS feed plugins out there. And we're not just saying it because it's part of the family. You can figure it out yourself after assessing its features and advantages. Feedzy works through shortcodes, which means that you can add various feeds wherever you wish (posts, pages, custom content types. RSS feeds are absolutely still existing ( extra on this later), yet they aren't as leading as they once were. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also others have actually become the best option for adhering to websites, seeing feeds, and also learning regarding the newest content This WordPress RSS Feed Plugin permits you to show a menu that contains various RSS feed subscription options to your visitor's site. This WordPress plugin allows you to configure up to 8 and more different custom topic of RSS feeds. It satisfies its more than hundred and thousand users through its ultimate service and getting 4.8/5.

1. WP RSS Aggregator. WP RSS Aggregator is the best WordPress plugin to turn a WordPress website into a content aggregator. It allows you to import, merge, and display RSS feeds on your WordPress website without any coding. It allows you to fetch content from your other web properties, third-party sources, and other blogs RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an easy way to keep up with your favorite NASA news and information. An RSS feed contains headlines, summaries and links to full content on NASA Web sites. RSS is written in the Internet coding language known as XML (eXtensible Markup Language), which is why you see RSS buttons commonly labeled with this icon RSS Feeds. What are RSS Feeds? Feeds use the RSS 2.0 Specification. Economic Indicators; Blog Feeds. Director's Blog; Global Reach Blog ; Random Samplings; Research Matters; News Release Feeds. News Releases Only; News (All News Items) Last Revised: August 6, 2020. X. Is this page helpful? Yes No. X. Comments or suggestions? No, thanks. 255 characters remaining X. Thank you for your feedback. Outlooks RSS Feeds Editor ist zwar eine sinnvolle Einrichtung, doch er belastet das System. Er wird ab Werk mit einigen Feeds vorkonfiguriert. Sie sollten solche Dienste abbestellten, die Sie nicht benötigen (Extras ? Account-Einstellungen; Dann klicken Sie auf RSS-Feeds). So gelangen Sie zu dem dargestellten Bildschirm. Hier können Sie die aktiven Dienste sehen und bei Bedarf entfernen.

53seven / node-blindparser. Star 31. Code Issues Pull requests. blindparser is an all purpose RSS/ATOM feed parser that parses feeds into a common format so that you do not have to care if they are RSS or ATOM feeds. nodejs javascript atom-feed-parser rss-feed-parser. Updated on Sep 16, 2019 Finding great feeds to follow can be quite difficult. There are many great publications and blogs on the internet today. That's why we have collected the most popular RSS feeds out there in this list. The list of popular RSS feeds. We have compiled a list of popular RSS feeds from our system. Click on the link to add it to your Feeder The RSS Feed service lets you turn on and make Applets for RSS and Atom web feeds. When the content you care about goes live, stay up-to-date with notifications, emails, and more RSS-Feeds können in Windows sehr einfach in Outlook, das an der FernUniversität als Standardprogramm für E-Mails verbreitet ist, eingebunden werden. (Mac und Linux Nutzende können weiter unten fündig werden.) RSS-Abonnements ist als einer der Standardordner im persönlichen Postfach von Outlook bereits vorhanden. Um einen neuen Feed hinzuzufügen, klicken Sie einfach mit der rechten. Feed Killer allows you to mix multiple RSS feeds into one aggregator feed. This allows you to display a variety of content fetched from different sources on your website and engage your visitors. It has a really friendly user interface. It is really easy to use. All you need to do is enter the RSS feed URL and combine them. That's it. It also displays URLs of recently created feeds

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RSS Feed Fetcher is a free RSS feed reader for Windows 10. With RSS Feed Fetcher never miss any feed, blog, or news from your favorite RSS source or any source which supports RSS. Fluent Design System The app's UI is designed with Fluent Design System which gives a pleasant experience while using the app. How to add a RSS channel Simply copy paste the website url from any web browser into. Mon, 14 Dec 2020 23:29:00 -0000 full FiveThirtyEight, 538, ABC News, Nate Silver The two biggest stories of 2020 in the U.S. -- the pandemic and the election -- are finding some closure today, though each is really just entering its next phase. The conflicts and challenges presented by both the pandemic and President Trump's attempts to overturn the election are not over RSS feeds created in legacy PubMed will be redirected to the new PubMed on or after January 1, 2021. If you have created RSS feeds in legacy PubMed, you do not need to recreate them in the new system. They will be automatically redirected in January. Technical notes. In response to user feedback, the RSS feature in the new PubMed returns complete search results and no longer uses the My NCBI. RSS feeds - TED Tenders Electronic Daily. Check out our COVID-19 dedicated page for tenders related to medical equipment needs. The Conference on the Future of Europe is your chance to share your ideas and shape the future of Europe. Make your voice heard RSS feeds are extremely powerful, and with little effort you can use them to build a loyal following. 1. Use RSS Feed to build an email list. If you are not already building an email list, then you need to start immediately. See our guide on why you should start building your email list right away. This is where you'll need OptinMonster. It.

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  1. Create RSS Feed Reader Using PHP (May 2020) Last Updated : Feb 17, 2020. HTML PHP. RSS feed is very important for website and their users to get regularly updated for the latest news and articles with the help of RSS feed reader you can view the latest and all previous articles of a website.In this tutorial we will show you how to read RSS feed using PHP.You may also like create rss feed using.
  2. RSS (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format.Subscribing to RSS feeds can allow a user to keep track of many different websites in a single news aggregator, which constantly monitor sites for new content, removing the need for the user to manually check them
  3. RSS Vulnerability Feeds. NVD provides two RSS 1.0 data feeds. The first feed, nvd-rss.xml ( zip or gz ), provides information on all vulnerabilities within the previous eight days. The second feed, nvd-rss-analyzed.xml ( zip or gz ), provides only vulnerabilities which have been analyzed within the previous eight days
  4. Euro 2020 results RSS feed. Today the EURO 2020 starts and I wanted to share with you a way to keep updated on the fixtures via RSS. The below feed URL takes the data from a public Google Sheet which gets its data via espn.com: If you have any questions or feedback please let me know in the comments
  5. What is an RSS feed? You can follow many websites without going to the main site or social networking feeds. RSS feeds keep your finger on the pulse of the web

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4 Of The Best Wordpress Rss Feed Plugins In 2020. The Best Rss App For The Ipad. Daily Inspirational Quotes Daily Positive Quotes Self Help. 6 Mention Integrations For More Powerful Monitoring. Daily Inspirational Quotes Daily Positive Quotes Self Help. 48 Quotes Of The Day Rss Feed dlangendorf , 03/13/2020. So Happy to be Using Again NetNewsWire was an RSS pioneer. If I'm not mistaken, I paid for it years ago . . . and then other readers came along, were better, and I jumped ship. There are plenty of excellent readers out there, but this version of NNW is amazingly fast, simple to use, and minimalist. Over the years, apps became more sophisticated, adding so many. RSS-Feed Gemeinsam mit der Knauber-Unternehmensgruppe startete die Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH im Sommer 2020 den großen BTHVN-Schulklassenwettbewerb in Bonn und dem Rhein-Sieg-Kreis. Grundschulkalenderwettbewerb von BTHVN2020 und Knaube

How to read RSS in 2020. 24 March 2020. I've been working on a starter blog for people to use with Site.js. We want this blog to have easy-to-use, accessible and rights-respecting defaults so it's simple to just get blogging. One of defaults is RSS feeds. But what if you've not come across RSS before? What are the benefits of RSS and how can you get subscribing? What is RSS? RSS is a way. Inoreader vs Feedly, and the ultimate feed reader (in 2020) May 27, 2020. What is the best feed aggregator, reader or feed service depends on your needs, so this is highly opinionated towards my personal needs - your's will vary so take this writing as a personal journey instead of an objective comparison. As I wrote, I've started using RSS again after some five years break. Feedly and. Then when you are at a page that has an RSS feed, for example, messy-78, click on the bookmarklet to subscribe. As you add feeds, they will be read for items and will show up on the control panel. At any time, you can get your subscription list as an OPML file. The various links on the control panel should be self-explanatory. You can add and delete feeds, update them, mark items as read, and.

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RSS. RSS is a way of providing content or summaries of web content in a simple format. The RSS feed is read via your browser, a desktop application or a smartphone application. News & Sport. Business. Comment & Analysis. Country. Covid-19. Environment. Identity. In Depth. Local Democracy Reporting. Media & Technology. New Zealand. Pacific. Nach der Ankündigung dieser komplett aus Metall gefertigten Doppelwagen Mitte Oktober 2020 dauerte es keine drei Wochen, und unser Lagerbestand war ausverkauft. In der Zwischenzeit ist endlich ein Container mit der Nachproduktion eingetroffen. Die Rückstände der bisherigen Varianten werden in diesen Tagen ausgeliefert werden, Neubestellungen dieser Versionen sind nicht mehr möglich. In August 2020, the Indian retailer Livpure suffered a data breach which exposed over 1 million customer purchases with 270 thousand unique email addresses. The data also included names, phone numbers, physical addresses and details of purchased items. The data was provided to HIBP by a source who requested it be attributed to white_peacock@riseup.net. Livpure - 269,552 breached accounts. In.

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RSS feeds are often used by news sites and blogs to present the articles of the latest information available online. What Are the Benefits of Using RSS. It is a simple and convenient way to be constantly alerted about a website content that interests you. The feeds update automatically and permanently, without you having to connect to your favorite information websites. It simply makes it easy. Posted on December 8, 2020 | SharePoint. Web Part. A frequent request on many SharePoint sites is to add an RSS feed from another news source like a blog or news media outlet. I blogged previously on how to add an RSS feed to a site, but that was written when we still had classic pages. Now that we have modern sites and pages, I want to provide updated instructions for you, my loyal blog. The SEC provides Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for EDGAR structured disclosure submissions as a courtesy for those interested in viewing, analyzing, and manipulating the submissions. These feeds are updated every ten minutes Monday through Friday, 6am - 10pm EST. The content and format of these files may change without prior notice. These pages contain links to subscribe to the RSS. All the Feeds. Subscribe to all your news feeds and organize them the way you want. Powerful Capabilities. Search and filter news so you never miss stuff that matters anymore! Download Download RSSOwl now and start making the best out of your feeds: Windows Download Now. RSSOwl 2.2.1 (Windows Setup) Mac Download Now . RSSOwl 2.2.1 (Mac OS X) Linux Download Now. RSSOwl 2.2.1 (Linux x64) More.

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26.03.2020 - 04:50 Uhr -24 Min. Wie Corona unsere Arbeitswelt verändern könnte 19.03.2020 - 02:06 Uhr - 26 Min Adding an RSS feed to GitHub Pages. Published: January 19, 2020 | Updated: March 13, 2021. Yesterday I decided to add an RSS feed to this blog. I hoped that it was going to be easy since the blog is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. There must be something already build-in, right? Well, it turned out there was! The setup was a piece of cake . Here's how I did it in just. Showers of RSS Feeds. Showers of RSS Feeds we need.. So, I tested out some RSS Feed Reader apps. And, here's a quick rundown on the best RSS Feed readers available on the Windows store for.

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  1. Wed, 22 Jan 2020 10:37:00 -0000 Danny Green full ESPN, Zach Lowe Zach talks to Lakers guard Danny Green about late-career LeBron (2:16), why this is the most fun team environment he has ever experienced (18:44), those classic Spurs-Heat Finals, the Ray Allen shot (23:00), Kawhi's decision (33:34), much more
  2. What is a Podcast RSS Feed? Do you have one? Do you know what it is? How do you find your podcast RSS Feed? In this short video, I'll explain everythin..
  3. I needed to generate a valid RSS feed from a Twitter user's timeline, but only for tweets that matched a certain pattern. Here's how I did it using PHP. First, I added the dependency on the TwitterOAuth library by Abraham Williams: $ composer require abraham/twitteroauth This library will handle all of my communication and authentication with Continue reading Generate an RSS feed from.
  4. Smart RSS Reader uses almost triple the amount of ram (according to Chrome's task manager) and a lot more cpu usage when it tries to update feeds, also from my test it seems that it doesn't support Instagram feeds, whereas Feedbro does. it' still early days for this add-on though, maybe in the future will become a better alternative to Feedbro
  5. Operations. Product. Safety & Recall. Sales & Financial. Email Sign Up. Enter your email address below to sign up for email alerts. * Indicates Required. Email * Please select the mailing lists that you would like a notification on: *. All News Toyota News Corporate News Manufacturing & Engineering / Design News Sales / Financial News Community.
  6. Every major CMS offers an RSS feed by default, meaning an RSS exists for such sites whether the site's creators realize that or not. In these cases, you can use a simple URL hack to find the RSS feed. Around 25 percent of sites are built using WordPress, for example. Many others are built on platforms like Google's Blogger, Yahoo's Tumblr, or Medium. Here's how to find RSS feeds for.
  7. By default, Outlook adds an RSS Feeds folder to each email account. You can use that folder for all your RSS feeds, but then all the articles from all your feeds are lumped together in that folde

RSS Feeds for Instant Articles. Instant Articles support syndication using a secure RSS feed. This feed can integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow if new stories are automatically syndicated as Instant Articles whenever you publish them from your regular content management system. Note that this will need to be an Instant Articles-specific RSS feed and is not the same as other RSS. RSS-Feed; Kon­takt; Bür­ger­te­le­fon; Pu­bli­ka­tio­nen; Bi­blio­thek; Pres­se; Be­su­cher­grup­pen; Twit­ter ; Kar­rie­re; Links & Adres­sen; Sie sind hier: Startseite; Bundeskartellamt - Tätigkeitsbericht 2019/2020; Bundeskartellamt - Tätigkeitsbericht 2019/2020. Stand: 23.06.2021. Tätigkeitsbericht 2019/2020. Bericht des Bundeskartellamtes über seine Tätigkeit in. Zuletzt: Events im Dezember 2020 Myantha, 4 Dezember 2020. RSS-Feed. Archiv Rest. Themen: 16.281 Beiträge: 365.616. Zuletzt: TheLegendears auf Heredur katbac, 30 Mai 2021. RSS-Feed. Benutzername oder E-Mail-Adresse: Besitzt du schon ein Benutzerkonto? Nein, erstelle jetzt ein Benutzerkonto. Ja, mein Passwort ist: Hast du dein Passwort vergessen? Angemeldet bleiben. Zurzeit aktive Besucher. Substack has launched an RSS reader called Substack Reader. The service is meant for organizing Substack newsletter subscriptions, but it can pull in third-party RSS feeds, too

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Click to subscribe to our RSS feeds. Temporary Saturday Hours - Thursday July 09, 2020 Temporarily we will be closed on Saturdays until further notice. We are open Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5:30. CONNECT WITH J&G SALES THROUGH YOUR FAVORITE WEBSITES BELOW. FOLLOW US TO RECEIVE NOTICES OF DEALS AND SPECIALS. facebook. twitter. Instagram. GunBroker. eBay. YouTube. NEED AN FFL TRANSFER DEALER.

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